Various Sources of Power, Taking advantage of Energy Effectively, Educational Video for Children

The majority of nations depend on gas, oil and coal to provide the bulk of their energy requirements, however dependence on fossil fuels is a big predicament. Fossil fuels are considered a limited resource, meaning there is the potential for these fules to eventually be depleted. Additionally, these fuels can cause contamination of the air, soil and water. Because of this, people are counting on renewable energy sources.Here are the leading three renewable resource sources: The very first of the…

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Future Renewable Energy Sources

Sustainable, renewable energy is in our future – and it may not be that far off! The beauty of the  alternative power options discussed on this website is that they are renewable and sustainable. Chances of us running out of fuel from these sources is pretty much non-existent.  If they were to be disrupted, most likely, life on the planet as we know it would have been severely disrupted already, anyway.  For example, if were to lose the ability for the sun to provide power, mos…

Alternative green energy

Truths Concerning Renewable Energy

Solar power – My favorite of the Alternative or Renewable Energy sources. Think about it. We live in a passive solar home. The sun or solar rays that have just traveled some ungodly distance, something like 93 million miles, come in our window at just the right temperature to heat up our house – or me, if I’m standing directly in a sun beam. I find that to be amazing – miraculous, even. Just a little bit one way or the other and we would either die from extreme cold or burn up.Did you know i…

Alternative green energy

Alternative Green Energy

Alternative green energy is more than a cliche these days.  Adoption of renewable energy sources such as solar energy, wind power, hydrogen fuel cells, hydro power and bio-fuels could well be what saves this magnificent planet for future generations, allowing them the opportunity to enjoy the mysteries and wonders of this unique planet.

Can we afford to take the chance that global warming is nothing more than a boogey man created by the doomsayers that have always been among us?  If we decide to take action now and support the many alternative green energy sources being developed and brought to market, we will all gain by having cleaner air, cleaner water and the promise of a bright future for following generations.

Now is the time to educate yourself and take the steps to turn away from fossil fuels to the promise of a cleaner, sustainable tomorrow.  As early adopters of solar energy, we have been briefly side tracked in the use of solar panels but are working our way back to implementing these systems into our home.  We have passive solar heat coming in through our south oriented windows.  We used to pump our water, run some lights, even a refrigerator from our photovoltaic panels and now we want to heat the water running underneath our floors with solar hot water.  That is the ultimate in heating – solar energy through the windows and heating the water to heat the floor!

If you’re interested in the myriad opportunities to make the switch away from fossil fuels, please visit our website to learn more.  It’s our project we’ve undertaken to learn more about the current state of alternative green energy so we can make  more informed choices for our own home tucked away in the foothills of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains of New Mexico.